Postpaid Customers Got Amazing Offers from Airtel

Due to the tough competition in the market, Airtel is doing some serious business in India. This is because of the reason that the company is now offering amazing benefits to its users. It is said that these amazing offers from Airtel includes unlimited calls and many other things. Read this out to know this news in detail.

Postpaid Customers Got Amazing Offers from Airtel

Postpaid Customers Got Amazing Offers from Airtel:

According to the recent news, the company has launched two new and fresh plans which are good for postpaid customers. The company said that they are providing these facilities to the customers who have a heavy usage of their service. This means, you can avail this offer if you are making too much calls in your day. As a result of this offer, you will be able to save a lot of money by the end of your month. This is because of the reason that postpaid customers are getting amazing offers from Airtel.

Now, we are going to tell you the details of this offer. If you are using the package of Airtel which is for RS. 1999, then you are eligible for this offer. This is because of the reason that users need to have this package in order to avail these amazing offers from Airtel.

In this offer, the users of Airtel are going to enjoy unlimited calls. Keep this thing in your mind that these calls are only voice calls. It will include all the local calls of the user. In addition to that STD as well as people who are using Airtel services for national roaming purposes can use this service. Along with these amazing benefits from Airtel, there is much more to come.

The company is also providing 100 messages to the users who will avail this offer. Internet packages are also included in this amazing offer. It includes 3 G as well as 4 G network offers. Users are allowed to use 1 GB of data along with other unlimited calls as well as messages offer. These are very good offers as Airtel takes 1st spot on data usage. The company has also announced that they will provide more services to their customers. By that, they mean that the existing offers will be upgraded in order to make the customers more delighted by the services of Airtel.


We have seen that Airtel is trying really hard in order to stay in the business. The company has been successful in gaining the trust of their customers. They have provided the best internet packages to the users. In addition to that, Airtel has new partnership with Facebook in order to provide basic services to other countries.


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