6 of the Most Impressive Dog Breeds in the World

Impressive Dog Breeds

Impressive Dog Breeds in the World

There’s nothing quite like snuggling up with your dog, and it’s especially great when it’s a really big breed of dog, there are just more dogs to love! Which dogs really count as giant dog breeds is always a bit of a matter of interpretation, but we know for sure that the following breeds are some of the largest in the world. We have created a list with information and photos for you below!

Although their enormous size can seem intimidating at first, many of these dogs are known to be good-natured, loyal, and affectionate. These giant dog breeds tend to be more laid-back than their smaller counterparts and tend to be quiet at home, barring brief bursts of energy, of course. Because of this, large dog breeds are often referred to as great apartment dogs, despite their stature! But of course, daily exercise is just as important for these beautiful animals as it is for any other dog.

Many of these XL dogs were originally bred for work and protection, such as Mastiffs and German Shepherds, so they also need good training and socialization to use these instincts positively.

French Mastiff

The Dogue de Bordeaux is an incredibly powerful dog breed that can weigh up to 110 pounds. Though their heads are huge (in fact, they’re the largest in the entire canine kingdom), their kind eyes and furrowed brows make them seem endearing and sweet. In fact, they are very loyal and loving to their families, but they certainly need to be disciplined to curb their stubbornness.

Deer Dog

This particularly rare breed of dog has been around for a very long time and is often referred to as the “Royal Dog of Scotland”. Deer dogs are among the largest dog breeds, and while their stature can seem intimidating, they’re actually friendly and affectionate — which (given their portly size) doesn’t make them the best watchdogs. Deer dogs are super active puppies, but they tend to become more easy-going as they get older. Just make sure they get their daily walk to keep them healthy.


Leonbergers were bred in Germany to be loyal companions – Napoleon III, Tsar Alexander II and the Prince of Wales (later King Edward VII) welcomed the breed into their noble homes. And with their gentle nature, patience, and elegance, it’s easy to see why they’re popular family pets. But don’t let their friendliness fool you, Leonbergers make excellent guard dogs and hardy working dogs – whether they’re used on farms or just frolicking.

Irish wolf dog

Despite being one of the largest dog breeds (if not the largest), the Irish Wolf dog is among the friendliest and most lovable companions one could ask for. It’s hard to imagine that they were once bred to be fierce war dogs when you see how gentle they are with children and other animals. This breed of dog needs a lot of exercises, so make sure you walk them regularly – it will keep them in tip-top shape.

Shepherd Dog

The Anatolian Shepherd Dog (or some variations thereof) is an ancient breed of dog believed to be mentioned in some of the earliest books of the Bible. Anatolian Shepherd Dogs are smart and fiercely protective of the people they love – which means they need a master who is comfortable with a strong and dominant personality. Weighing up to 150 pounds, many of these dogs are still used as working dogs on a farm.

Pitbull Corgi Mix

Pittbull and corgi are both gentle and strong and apparently so special, Pitbull corgi mix breed is among the cutest dogs in the world and are natural swimmers (thanks largely to their partially webbed feet). These gentle giants respond well to kind guidance and deserve plenty of credit for their compassionate nature. They are among the most popular medium dog breeds and are considered a family pet.

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