Airstrikes in Syria’s Aleppo Targets Civilians

Airstrikes in Syria Aleppo have created havoc in the country’s second largest city and former business hub.

Airstrikes in Syria Aleppo Targets Civilians

Videos of the devastation have been posted on the internet and paint a grim picture of the city. They show buildings that have been completely destroyed and people being pulled out from under the rubble.

Airstrikes in Syria Aleppo have been resumed by the regime and their Russian supporters as per the statement of the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights. Government attacks have spared no one since there are many civilians including women and children among the victims of the bombardment.

Aleppo airstrikes have been compounded by shelling of north of the city by Turkish troops. Turks claim to have killed dozens of fighters from the Islamic State.

The shelling was in retaliation for attacks carried out by the extremist group on a border town. The place has become a scene of continuous fighting since the war started in Syria five years ago.

The fresh fighting comes after the main negotiator from the opposition quit the peace talks. Mohammed Alloush left the talks describing them as nothing but a waste of time since they failed to address the plight of besieged civilians in many parts of the country. No political deal had been achieved through the talks either.

Airstrikes in Syria Aleppo were followed by a wave of bombings in the northwestern part of the country. The attacks resulted in many casualties and renewed clashes between the warring sides.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights claimed that there were at least ten airstrikes in Idlib resulting the more than a dozen civilian deaths. The observatory believes that the bombing was carried out by Russian planes.

A network of activists on the grounds in Syria observed that a national hospital was also hit by the strikes. The opposition Civil Defense stated that the casualty from the airstrikes was very high. It said that many hospitals had also been damaged in the strikes.

The city of Idlib is currently under the control of the Army of Conquest which is an amalgam of many rebel factions. The group is led by Nusra Front. Nusra is regarded as a terrorist group by the Americans and has been excluded from the agreements between the regime and the rebels.

The opposition insists that Bashar Al Assad and his entourage will have no role in either the transitional period or the future government of the country.

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