Donald Trump is Scared of Megyn Kelly – Fox News

In a statement released by Fox News, it was implied that the presidential hopeful must learn to respect journalists.

Donald Trump is Scared of Megyn Kelly - Fox News

Fox News issued a matching response to the Republican Donald Trump suggesting that the presidential candidate was scared of facing Megyn Kelly at the debate scheduled to take place on Thursday. Fox news comments came after Trump said during a CNN interview with Wolf Blitzer, that Kelly does not treat him in a fair manner.

Trump further revealed that he was not a fan of Megyn Kelly and he didn’t like her. He also said that he thought Kelly did not like him either but he was OK with it. Trump further alleged that Kelly is not fair with him or at least he doesn’t think that she can treat him fairly due to her bias against him.

Trump also told Wolf Blitzer that he may attend the Fox News event. Trump has been attacking Megyn Kelly since the first Republican debate which was also organized by Fox News. Kelly had pointedly asked Trump about his remarks regarding women.

During the debate, Kelly had asked him about his history of calling women with names such as dogs, slobs and fat pigs. Even after receiving criticism from Trump, she stood her ground stating that she will continue to do her work without being afraid or getting intimidated.

Kelly has refrained from responding to Donald Trump’s attacks – yet. However, she did tell a magazine that she will not be swayed from performing her journalistic duties.

Trump also stated on his social media account that Kelly was motivated by a conflict of interest and that is why she should be taken off the debate. Fox News, on the other hand, released a statement that there was no conflict of interest. The channel also thanked Donald Trump for building the hype for Thursday’s debate.

Fox News later released another statement in which it said that Donald Trump must learn to respect journalists. Fox News also said that it was very surprised that the presidential candidate was so willingly showing his fear of the anchor.

The current row has built up extreme hype for the final Republican debate on Thursday. There are also speculations that Donald Trump may be considering skipping it.

Megyn Kelly is the host of ‘The Kelly File’, a program that boasts more than 300 aired episodes.

Donald trump has threatened boycott debates before but he has always ended up attending them. It is also very unlikely that Donald Trump will miss a chance of appearing before a massive audience just a few days ahead of the Iowa caucuses. It is also very unlikely that Fox News will remove Megyn Kelly from the debate.

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