Fascinating World War II Inventions and Innovations

Fascinating World War II Inventions and Innovations

Though the Second World War saw some trying times, the birth of many of today’s most incredible inventions came from this period. Some of the brightest minds found ways to navigate a time when war and survival were the two main focuses. Let’s take a peek at some of the most fascinating World War II inventions and innovations.


Simply put, without Colossus and the innovation of the Government Code, you wouldn’t have access to this article or your social media apps. Colossus’s original intent was to crack Enigma codes. This massive, room-size machine gradually shrunk through time and evolution and found its way into homes, schools, and the workplace.


Armenian immigrant Luther Simjian loaded his invention tank with the ATM (automated teller machine) in 1939. After having patented over 200 inventions, including flying simulators and computerized indoor golf ranges, he decided an ATM was necessary. He presented a bank in New York City with the machine in 1960, at which time they installed several throughout the branch. However, due to a lack of consumer trust, the removal of the machines occurred just six months later.

Ballpoint pen

Artist and journalist László Bíró felt frustrated with the fountain pen, as it tended to smudge. He found a special type of ink in a print shop that dried immediately after marking the paper. He patented the invention of the ballpoint pen in 1938 after enlisting the help of his scientist brother, George.

The Royal Air Force was the first customer of the innovation, requesting an order for 30,000 units. The intention was to allow pilots at high altitudes to get rid of reservoir pens, which were susceptible to leaks.


We have satellites thanks to German V2 rocket technology, which also allowed Russians and Americans to put a man on the moon and build the International Space Station. In today’s world, we see the benefits of satellites through television and navigation.


The infamous Duck was an amphibious-like truck that could travel by land or water to transport goods and troops. During WWII, the versatile Duck allowed troops to survive on land for extended periods.

It’s impressive to think that one of the darkest chapters in history ushered in the birth of some of the most fascinating World War II inventions and innovations, and being a part of band of brothers tour is something you might find fascinating to explore more.

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