What Kind of GameCube Controller Does Zero Use?

If you are a fan or a pro of fighting games, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, in particular, you will know that a good command makes the difference. So, an excellent accessory becomes essential when you want to be the king of the ring.

 Indeed, managing the vast number of game fighters with a Nintendo Switch Pro controller or with the JoyCons is not bad. But we believe that there is nothing like using a more smash ultimate controller like GameCube. That’s what our favorite gamer Zero does.

Zero is a keen Latin American gamer. At only 24 years of age, he has positioned himself as the world winner of Super Smash Bros ultimate from 2015, 2016, and 2018. So, if you want to know what kind of GameCube controller does Zero use, hop on!

GameCube Controller super smash bros

Who Is Zero and Why Is His Recommendation Matters?

Many have talked about this gamer, but very few know his origin and history. We are talking about the most potent “smasher” player in the world. Gonzalo Barrios is known worldwide as “Zero.”

Gonzalo Barrios is a 24-year-old gamer, originally from chile. From a young age, he was attracted to video games on the Nintendo platform. He was a pro, especially in the Super Smash Bros game on console 64. He was world-famous in the world of video games for generating an undefeated streak of 56 consecutive victories between 2014 and 2015. In world championships such as Evo 2015 and the big house 5, he was unbeatable. Among the games, he specializes in the characters of Metal Knight, Diddy Kong, and Fox. He had been featured in the 2014 Super Smash Bro brawl!

Zero was out of the competition for two years. In 2018 he managed to position himself in the smasher tournament at the electronic entertainment expo that yea. Gonzalo Barrios positioned himself as one of the ten best players in the world. 

Gonzalo Barrios is one of the gamers that generate the most income in the world, thanks to his participation in video games. Including economists and related pages have concluded that this gamer makes figures exceeding 100,000 dollars annually. 

If you are a fan and gamer of Super Smash Bros ultimate, now you know why his controller choice matters!

What Kind of Gamecube Controller Does Zero Use?

And here we present the undisputed king, the one Zero loves for all tournaments, the much-loved GameCube controller. Zero uses the classic GameCube controller.

But why does everyone agree with his recommendation? Is it just nostalgia? 

No, to decipher his secret, you have to see his joystick up close. What is different from the others? Yes, the plastic that surrounds it. This plastic fulfills the function of a gate restrictor, and, as you can see, in the case of the GameCube controller, it is octagonal. This helps a lot when a player moves the joystick up or diagonally. 

It is aimed right there and not at an approximate point, as it happens with the circular restrictors of the joy-con and the pro controller. As a result, the GameCube controller joystick is much more precise, and that’s what you want in a fighting game, precision. 

The same arcade fight sticks that are used to street fighter, dragon ball fighter z.  For this simple reason, the GameCube controller is the favorite controller of Zero.

Original GameCube Controller – Classic Among the Classics

The most pro of any Super Smash Bros. Knows that the classic controller from GameCube is the best to play with this complete fighting title. This is not only due to its design and positioning of buttons, but also because it makes a powerful combo—those who have played the saga the most know how to create powerful combos with this controller. 

Besides, its low latency is another thing to cheer for. Its fast-analog c-stick help (and a lot) to move faster and strike more repeatedly and accurately.

As negative elements, we could mention only two. A first was related to the existence of a single z button in front of the right trigger. This can lead to confusion for those who are used to using more advanced controls such as the Dualshock 4. And a second feature related to the relative hardness of the triggers. They are more challenging to activate since they are built with a spring. It could give some advantage to an opponent who has triggered with less resistance.

Other Options: What Else the Pro Smashers Use?

With these two alternative options, you will have many of the benefits that a GameCube controller offers at a somewhat reduced price. Although we always recommend that if you can get a classic controller from the Nintendo cube console, do not hesitate for a moment.


The joy-con is the casual option. Beware, this does not mean that they are useless, simply that they are aimed at a specific audience. These little bits of technology come with the console and are allure to versatility. The player who wants to play ultimate locally and casually with friends will find the joy-con the perfect choice. 

Pro Controller

The pro controller is the premium option for Nintendo: it has a long-lasting battery. It is very comfortable. It has HD rumble, a motion sensor, and even an amiibo reader. However, all of this increases its price a lot. For ultimate, the pro controller is a perfect option, but not the best. Yes, it feels great to play with this control since its buttons and joystick are of good quality. But it doesn’t have a significant feature of the following control. In itself, the pro controller is ideal for those who want to dedicate hours to ultimate but also do not seek to be number 1 in the tables. 

If you have GameCube controllers at home, you will not need to spend too much on the switch. There is an adapter for GameCube controllers made by Nintendo. You can connect up to 4 controllers and enjoy low latency in all of them. You need to join the adapter to the USB port of the switch dock and enjoy it! Now you know, what kind of GameCube controller does Zero use and why!

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