Returning ISIS Terrorists Threat to Europe

ISIS terrorists returning from the Middle East may carry out attacks in Europe. It is possible that some of them are returning with this very purpose.

ISIS Terrorists

Thousands of ISIS terrorists had travelled to the Middle East to fight wars in Syria and Iraq. Many of them have returned to Europe with the intention of carrying out attacks in their home countries.

ISIS Terrorists

It is estimated that at least five thousand Europeans went to fight in Syria and Iraq alongside ISIS Terrorists. Some of them died on the frontlines. Some of them survived. They may be on their way back home.

However, it is not commonly known that a few among the returnees may have been brainwashed by the extremist organization into carrying out attacks in their own countries.

Returning Extremist

The number of returning extremists is estimated to be around 1,750. This figure is based on the report which was presented to the ministers of the European Union by the EU counter-terrorism coordinator Gilles de Kerchove.

The report clearly stated that the returning fighters belonged to two specific categories: the harmless ones, and the highly trained ones who could pose a potential threat to Europeans.

Sharing Information

The report warned that sharing information regarding potential returnees from war zones in the Middle East, had become all the more necessary.

It stated that the majority of the returnees will either become drifters as before and would not be a threat in Europe. However, the concerns arises about those returnees who have been assigned mission to create chaos in Europe.

Belgium concerns

There were Belgium concerns regarding the return of extremists which has seen a sharp rise after the Russian and American onslaught on Aleppo and Mosul respectively.

The most chilling aspect of the report was that the European women and children who have spent time in the caliphate could pose a serious threat owing to the fact that they too could have become radicalized.

The report did not shares any figures but said that some of the returnees were convicted and were currently behind bars. But some of them were walking freely and only being monitored by the authorities.

The report further recalled that returning extremists had previously also staged terrorist attacks. Some of them had also succeeded. There is a significant presence of ISIS terrorists in Libya who may also try to enter Europe with mal intentions.

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