Mia Khalifa Forgets Her Promise Of Oral Sex

Mia Khalifa gives thanks in honor of Thanksgiving when it comes to her first true love: sports. The sultry actress has said goodbye to the adult film industry.

Mia Khalifa

Mia Khalifa Thanksgiving

This thanksgiving, Mia Khalifa gave thanks for her love of sports which is her very first obsession.

Her porn days are behind her now as she has also secured her very own sports column at Fansided.com. Love of sports is something that Mia seems to cherish.

Latest Column

This week’s column by the young ex-pornstar stated that she is also thankful to everyone including the Cowboys, Dalvin Cook, Stubborn athletes, and her fans.

She wrote that she was thankful to Fansided.com for giving her a chance with them as a contributor.

She also revealed that she did not have any previous experience in writing except her social media posts that usually targeted certain sports personalities.

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She further revealed that it was a great experience watching her own column being published every week. It was like a dream come true for her.

She vowed that she will do her best to get better with her writing so that people find her interesting and engaging enough to read her.

Interview with Washington Post

This summer Mia gave an interview to the Washington Post about her life after leaving the porn industry. She told the newspaper that she had made the decision more than a year ago.

In fact, Mia did not spend a lot of time in the industry. Despite this, she became one of the most widely searched models on Pornhub.

Rebellious Phase

Mia Khalifa admitted that it was a rebellious phase of her life when she became part of the industry. But, she later found out that it wasn’t for her. She made her decision and left the industry for good.

Social Media

Despite giving up her celebrity status, Mia Khalifa still maintain a robust presence on social media with her posts pertaining to sports.

She wants to offer support to her home sports team and make some money on the side.

Khalifa not only writes columns for a website, but she also serves as host for live adult chats on Camster.

The promise

Before Donald Trump became president of America, Mia had offered that she will do oral sex with his supporters in case he won.

Now that Trump has become the president-elect, there is no hint as yet that she will fulfill that promise.

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