Moroccan Style Bathroom Ideas For A Personal Oasis

Moroccan style bathrooms are becoming more and more popular across the globe. One of the main reasons for that is that Moroccan themed bathrooms are a good way to make your bathroom into a personal oasis as they are both sophisticated and stylish which is one of the main reasons it is so popular in Australia. This bathroom design is not only beautiful but it is also practical as it can do with any style from contemporary to modern

Moroccan style bathroom

It is one of the most multipurpose designs that you can find. The Moroccan intonations are becoming part of the whole contemporary bathroom design trend and all the reasons for it are there. This style is great if you want to add more extravagance as well as mystery to your bathroom design. Here are some of the best ideas that will ruin your bathroom into a Moroccan personal oasis. 

Mosaic Tiles For Flooring

Mosaic tiles that have symmetrical designs or backsplash shines have reciprocal undertones that are often utilized for ground surfaces. Mosaic tiles will bring a splash of shading into the whole design that will give hints of Morocco to your bathroom. From muted greys to radiant blues, you will be able to completely enhance your bathroom oasis. Moroccan roused tiles that are in multitudinous shades of blue are particularly popular when it comes to making an oasis. 

Other popular hues that people use range anywhere from Marrakech reds to tans and creams. You can pick a base colour and then use light tiles or you can go for cool decorative arrangements or even engravings. Another thing that people choose is shimmering wall tiles to get that luxurious finish. They are all super simple to clean and maintain. If you are looking to create a more authentic look you can use the tadelakt plaster on the tiles. 

Hang Moroccan Lamps and Lanterns

If you want to get that perfect Moroccan touch, there is nothing that will provide you with that than outdated elements such as hanging lamps and lanterns. But because old Moroccan lamps and lanterns don’t have any electricity you can either hook them up next to your existing lights or you can get a ceiling rose and install a hook to hang a lantern on it. It is best that you use them on the highest points of your ceiling so your bathroom is illuminated completely.  If you have chosen a darker theme for your bathroom, they will look especially amazing as they will stand out. Another thing that you can incorporate into your design is the famous ottoman mosaic lamp. It is an authentic piece that will make your bathroom recognisable. Most Moroccan lamps have flat surfaces so you can turn them into romantic candle holders to get that perfect oasis vibe in your bathroom. If you don’t want to incorporate that kind of lighting you can incorporate accessories that have the specific brass structure just as pots and jugs and use them as candleholders.

Incorporate Traditional Furniture Pieces and Metallic Elements

If you don’t know, Moroccan design is all about different textures and surfaces. So, if you want to get that Moroccan vibe you will want to incorporate things like colourful chests as well as some contemporary countertops. As we have mentioned above, the best way to get that feel of Morocco in your bathroom is by incorporating metallic elements. One of the most popular ones are metallic frames as they are great at reflecting the light. Another thing that you can add is carved bone accessories as well as some ivory frames. But what will make your bathroom feel like you are in Morocco is the bathtub that you choose. You can even add ottomans in front of your vanity to make the bathroom complete. When you are adding metallic elements such as faucets you should always hire professional Canberra plumbers to ensure everything is done correctly.

Use Moroccan Bath Set

There are so many different accessories that are specific to the Moroccan style that is still used. If you want to go all out you can use argan oil, hammam black soap as well as rose water or you can buy already made kits that will be displayed in your bathroom. All those components will make the bathroom more Moroccan because they will fill your bathroom with the most authentic smell. You can convert your bathroom into your own personal hammam by displaying the set as well as some towels and area rugs. 

Incorporate Curtains with Heavy Embroidery

If you are trying to make Moroccan style bathroom curtains are a must. One of the best ways to protect the feeling is to use very opaque fabrics that have embroideries to cast the windows, on the other hand, there are semi-transparent ones that you will want to use on your shower or tub. Those curtains will make your bathroom feel super luxurious yet relaxed so it’s perfect for making an oasis. If you are looking to have more privacy you can add a soft cotton curtain that will fill the spaces. You can also go for the famous and carved wooden block printed curtains if you want to go all out. 

Use Vibrant Colors

Moroccan style is all about vibrant and bold colours. It is all about embracing different colours from the palette and making them one cohesive design. Anything from orange to blue will work well together when you are trying to go for a Moroccan design. What makes the bathroom design so unique is the use of all the colours such as deep red, blue, purple as with golden or black accents. Depending on what you are trying to go for, blues and indigos will make you feel like you are at a Moroccan spa while warm colours such as yellows and reds will create a subterranean. If you want to combine both of those, always make sure that you aren’t creating an overwhelming space as those are all very bold colours. 

Make A Fusion of Styles

If you are looking for something more creative and you like to experiment wh6y not make a creative blend of Moroccan and some design that you like. Make a perfect fusion of two contrasting styles and your bathroom will be a perfect oasis. When you are doing something like that make sure that you are taking the most unique parts of every style and combining them in a way so they work together while you can still tell that they are two separate styles. Combine things such as pattern with backsplashes as well as unique accessories and you will have a perfect bathroom oasis that is completely unique and made for your liking. 

Combine A White and Red Bathroom with a Soaking Tub

One of the most popular Moroccan style bathroom designs is the combination of red and white with a fun patterned bathtub. The bathtub is the focal point of the room while the crown mouldings around the windows are balancing the space out so the bathtub doesn’t stand out too much. If you want to take it a step further, you can put plants in your shower. That will give it an indoor jungle look as well as some liveliness to your Moroccan bathroom. 

Go For A Traditional Bathroom with Glass Shower

If you want to go for a more luxurious type of bathroom, you can go the traditional Moroccan way and incorporate a deep soaking tub with a shower that has a glass doe area and a wooden bench where you can sit to steam. The lighting fixtures will add a relaxing vibe to your bathroom while still keeping it a Moroccan style. 

Victorian Look Master Bathroom

A great way to combine two styles is by combining the two most popular styles which are the Victorian style and obviously the Moroccan. There is nothing that will look better than the Moroccan tiles combined with the lanterns above your dual countertops. It will make your bathroom look sophisticated but will have that unique Moroccan feel. 

There is no better place to experiment with exotic designs and elements than your personal bathroom oasis. By choosing to incorporate Moroccan style in your bathroom you will not only make it look more luxurious but you will also make it feel relaxing. You will have a bathroom where you will be happy to relax at your Moroccan oasis. No matter what you like, there are so many choices that you can make to fit your likings and you can always combine styles until you come up with something that you like.  

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