Reliance Communications Offers 4G Data for Users, 10 GB for Rs.93 Only

According to a recent news, Reliance Communications offers 4G data for users. This offer is available for CDMA voice users as well as for the users of dongle data users.

Reliance Communications Offers 4G Data for Users, 10 GB for Rs.93 Only

Reliance Communications Offers 4G Data For Users:

According to the current update, it is said that this offer is confined to the users of CDMA. This offer is not available to other customers. So, if you want to avail this offer, make certain you are a present purchaser of CDMA. This scheme offers says that Reliance Communications offers 4G data for users.

The existing users can be prepaid users as well as the postpaid operators of CDMA. Both prepaid and postpaid customers have to transfer their sim cards to the 4 G complaint ones.

The company took this decision in April, after they decided to close the developing business of CDMA. The company is not taking any new subscribers on CDMA. In addition to that, the current users of CDMA are shifted to the 4 G platform.

According to a recent picture pooled by a picture sharing website, people who are currently using 2 G- circles will be able to utilize the new offer this Reliance Communications offers 4G data for users. Once they have upgraded their services, they will get 10 GB offer which is available in Rs.93 only.

It is mentioned that the deduction prices is different for different circles. Which means that the prices are different with respect to the current package. For instance, if you are in Mumbai then the first deduction price for availing this service would be Rs.97 only. In the same way, initializing cost varies from package to package.

Another thing to be kept in mind is that, if you want to avail this service. Make sure that you recharge your account before sending the upgrade message. Because it will create some problems if you first sent the message and after that you recharge your account.

There are many other offers. If the current users are trying to update then they will be able to get unlimited calls also. Users will get unlimited reliance to reliance calls for at least 28 days.

Moreover, if you are updating your package of data dongle then you will get extra 5 GB of 2 GB.


Reliance Communications offers 4G data for users. These offers are available in many cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, Punjab, Rajasthan, Assam, Odisha, Jammu & Kashmir and other areas. It will bring a disaster because of its minimum rates and maximum services. In 2 G circles, this company is providing other intra package offers to the users.

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  • If you are not satisfied with Reliance, just move over to other carriers. Reliance is killing thier customers, it is no more offering any of the goodies that it used to offer with CDMA.

    If you still want to work it out with Reliance, here something to help out the thousands of stranded Reliance customers in migration from CDMA to 4g.

    For thousands of customers who are running around trying to buy expensive 4g datacards/dongles/wi-pods in reliance stores (which have run out of stock) or any other online stores, stop right there. Just plug the SIM into any existing phone, datacard that you can find. It works.

    As of morning, we tested their 4g SIM card on a 12 year old Nokia phone in a 2g mode. It worked without a hitch.

    1) Reliance tells you that their 4g SIM card works only with their own 4g data card/dongle or wi-pod. So, they ask you to buy their expensive 4g wi-pod
    2) .. that it it doesn’t work with any other companies 4g data card/dongle or wi-pod
    3) .. that it doesn’t work in a 4g cell phone
    3) .. that it doesn’t work with 3g data card/dongle
    4) .. that it doesn’t work in a 3g cell phone

    It is ironic, .. the only device their 4g SIM is incompatible is with their own old/phased out CDMA data cards.


    If you still wantn to buy a 4g wi-pod and enjoy the 4g speed, go right ahead. But, be ware, that

    1) 4g is still months away from being available. It works only in mega metropolitan cities.
    2) 4g data is expensive right now.
    3) 4g data cards will become dime a dozen in 6 months.

    There will come a time (in 2 to 3 years) when carriers will give you no choice (when they will throttle down 3g to 100kbps just like they did it with 2g, which now crawls at 5 to 10kbps), … then you will have no choice but to move to 4g. Till, then, chilld out.

    For all post-paid customers, Reliance doesn’t give you much advantage anymore. You are free to change carriers (or ask them to turn you into a prepaid customer).