Why Ecommerce is Growing in India

This is a world of ecommerce. In today’s world no one can deny the importance of ecommerce. In India, there are incredible growing trends of ecommerce. So, let’s take a look at the facts why ecommerce is growing in India.

Why Ecommerce is Growing in India

Reasons of Ecommerce Growth in India:

There are many reasons of ecommerce growth in India. But we are highlighting top reasons of the growth of ecommerce in India. First of all, broadband services are available at very low-cost. So, people can access the internet in a very low cost. That is why ecommerce is growing in India with the fastest rate. Moreover, the changing ecosystem in India is one of the major reasons of ecommerce growth.

People can access to products with real convenience. They feel easy to order stuff online without wasting their time in markets. Many people in India prefer urban life style. So, life style is changing to urban style which leads people to use more internet and do more online shopping. According to a survey conducted in 2015, it is said that 38 million people in India are online buyers.

Due to the low rates of broadband, Indians spend a lot of time on the internet. There are many payment options available for users. So, the buyer do not hesitate in buying.

Online Travel:

Online travelling is considered as the largest online sector in India. To expand their services, Indian businessman now offer hotel reservations along with the ticket reservations. People book their tickets while staying in home. No doubt, Indians provide good services to their online buyers.

In 2015, Amazon India got its 12 % market share from India. It is said that India adds three users each second which is the world’s second largest internet market.

Successful Businesses:

There are many successful ecommerce businesses in India. Similar to the services provided by to the people. People can buy clothes according to the latest fashion. Accessories and other products such as smart phones and Apple latest smart phones are available for the people of India. Shoes, bags, cosmetics, even computer hardware as well as software are bought by people through online sources.

In India, people use internet very much. It is said that 41 million people in India use ecommerce for shopping purposes.


All this clear our thoughts of incredible performance of ecommerce industry in India and the reason why ecommerce is growing in India. As we know that by the year of 2016, India crossed 41 million online purchasers. Which clearly tells us the increasing rate of ecommerce. In 2009, Indian ecommerce industry was worth 3.8 U. S billion dollars. Later on, 17 billion dollars in 2014, 23 billion dollars in 2015 and in 2016, 38 billion dollars.

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