Was Russia behind Trump’s success in the US Election

Did Russia Install Donald Trump in the White House?

During the height of the cold war, Americans installed various friendly leaders in countries around the world. This allowed it to gain the upper hand against its adversary, the Soviet Union.

Russia behind Trump’s success

US Elections 2016

It now seems that Russia has tried to follow the same pattern in order to turn the tables on the US. The former made a very significant contribution towards the election of the US president Donald Trump in the latest elections 2016.

Russia US Election Hack

The American Intelligence agents have publicly announced that the Russian government was behind the hacking of Hillary Clinton’s emails, and their subsequent release to the public. The hacks were carried out by groups known as Cozy Bear and Fancy Bear.

Russian involvement in US election

In a joint statement of National Intelligence director and the Department of Homeland Security on October 7, it was stated that American officials were confident that the theft and release of classified documents was done at the behest of Russia in order to interfere with the election process in the US.

The president of Russia, Vladimir Putin is a supporter of Donald Trump. He has also said that Trump is the absolute leader in the race for US presidency.

It is said that several remarks made by Donald Trump during his election campaign rendered him Putin’s most favored candidate.

These remarks included Trump’s admiration for Putin’s style of leadership, and a hint that he might recognize Crimea as part of Russia. Trump had also hinted that he might lift the sanctions imposed on Russia.

The leaked information and emails embarrassed Hillary Clinton and damaged her campaign. It became known through one of these hacked emails that Clinton had tried to sabotage Bernie Sanders campaign–another democratic hopeful for the presidency.

The scandal resulted in several high level resignations in the Democratic National Committee. Another set of emails hacked from John Podesta revealed that Clinton has been given advance notice of a town hall question. This served to damage her reputation further.

Russian involvement in US election manipulation is also feasible keeping in view the fact that the KGB was a master of propaganda.

The FSB which is the successor to the KGB, has inherited all that expertise, and is using the same tactics in the digital realm.

Russia’s eventual success in installing Trump in the White House will embolden it further and it will try to set up its favored candidates in many other places within the next administration.

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