Searching Giant is Presenting Game Festival

It is said that Google is going to present the indie games festival in this September. This will begin a new season of excitement among the gamers. Here, we will highlight all the important points related to this news.

Searching giant is presenting game festival

Searching Giant is Presenting Game Festival:

The company is planning to host the gaming festival in this year in San Francisco. This is considered as one of the best opportunities provided by the company. According to some sources, this is the best chance for people who are working as an independent developers. So, people who are the owners of android applications as well as games will participate in this festival in San Francisco. Searching giant is presenting game festival.

Here is the most important detail of this news. If you are interested in this festival, then you need to submit your games to the company. Keep this thing in your mind that you have to submit these games to the company before 14 August. This is because of the reason that this deadline is announced by the company’s representative in the conference.

There are many other things which needs to be fulfilled in order to participate in this festival. The participants from United States can participate. In addition to that, Canadian coders who already have their games in play store can also participate. Rest of the coders are not allowed to participate in this gaming festival to be held in San Francisco. This is a great opportunity for all those people who fulfilled these requirements.

Now, we will highlight the selection strategy used by the company. Searching giant is presenting game festival. In this festival, a total of 30 companies will be selected. On the other hand, 3 will get a chance to win this prize. There are wonderful prices for all these 3 winners. Winners will be allowed to use the Google ads as a result of winning this gaming competition.

Tango devices will be given as prices to the winners of this gaming competition. Here is the key feature of these tango devices. These devices will be equipped with the 3 D sensors in them. In addition to that, these sensors will be highly sensitive when it comes to their functionality. This is because of the reason that these sensors will be motion tracking. So, it is a full package.


This is the best opportunity for all the coders present in United States as well as in Canada. You can participate in this gaming competition. All you have to do is to focus on giving the best from your codes. Searching giant is presenting game festival. As we have mentioned above that the winners will get extra ordinary results.

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