Why US Downfall is inevitable

War, poverty, corruption, economy and an outdated infrastructure are all those factors that are responsible for the coming US downfall.

The coming US downfall

US Downfall

Above all, the belief of Americans that they are very special is one thing that will bring about this fall very soon.

Reasons of instability

The US sees itself as a good country which can do anything and not held accountable for it. While it is expanding its reach in the entire world, it is collapsing from within.

America needs to understand the reasons of instability and set its priorities accordingly. It can either choose to continue on its path towards self-destruction, or reverse some of its aggressive strategies. This will not stop the America fall but, it will allow America to exit beneficially.

Faltering Democracy

America is a country that bombs other nations in the name of democracy. However its own democracy is faltering.

Americans states and its institutions are the least democratic. Its voter turnout is the lowest among wealthy nations.

Just take the last elections. The two main candidates represented the wealthy and powerful people. The worst thing about America democracy is that it allows a single person to launch wars.

Anti-democratic barriers

There are anti-democratic barriers in place in the US that do not allow public participation in most of the high-level decisions.

Around 80% of the American people are of the opinion that their country is falling. Election campaigns are marked by legalized bribing. There is no confidence in the Congress.

Overwhelming Secrecy

American democratic institutions act in under overwhelming secrecy. They have installed gadgets of surveillance that allow them to monitor the entire population. A layman has no right and no secrecy.

Concentration of wealth

There is no even distribution of wealth in America. In fact, the US shows more income disparity than many other nations in the world. A few handful billionaires are controlling more than half the wealth of the entire country.

The worst thing is that rather than shamed by the public, these billionaires are celebrated for their wealth.

With rising inequality, the problem is getting worse in America. The infrastructure is in shambles. There is no running water in residential areas. Environment is polluted with toxins. There is little doubt that these factors will bring the US downfall in the coming few years.

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