Vodafone Failed to Withdraw Agreements

Vodafone is one of the giant telecommunication company. Now a days, the company is facing some issues regarding cancellation of contracts. Vodafone failed to withdraw agreements.

Vodafone Failed to Withdraw Agreements

Vodafone Failed to Withdraw Agreements:

Vodafone has a very large market. Almost 10 million people are using Vodafone. But, the problem arises when the customers received a message from the company. The message says that the company is going to increase the cost of the contracts. Many customers who have just joined Vodafone received this message. Now, the customers claim that Vodafone failed to withdraw agreements.

The company mentions that all other telecomm companies are raising their prices. In addition to that they are lowering their standards also. But, Vodafone will provide you amazing benefits if they are increasing their costs.

Customer’s Complains:

A customer complained that he was using Vodafone data traveller package. He chose this package so he could remain in touch with his family, when he is abroad. This data traveller package costs £10. But, the company changed his package with known him just after one month. They replaced the package with Euro traveller product. This package costs £10 and it only provides 4 days internet package.

Another customer complains that the company is charging them for services they are not using. The customers paid the disconnection fees. Still after two years, they are getting their bills.

There are many other technical problems in the service of Vodafone. Customers also object that they are not getting their calls and messages from the past few months. But when they tried to end the contract. The company did not cooperate. In fact, they asked them to pay their bills, while they are not using the service. The company accepted that the technical problem is from their end.

Vodafone is not returning their extra payments. In fact, they keep on billing them. The company is proving a poor customer service. The company is not ending the contracts free of cost.

Company’s Statement:

On the other hand, the company claims that they can increase prices according to the terms and conditions of the company. The company wants you to write them a letter if you want to cancel your contract. Both the company and the consumer have to inform with a notice of 30 before ending the contract.


This is a very serious problem. Many customers are complaining about it. Companies are continuously disappointing their customers. They are changing their packages without their permission. Prices are increasing which is another problem for consumers. But the company says they can change prices according to the terms and conditions. The company should inform the clients to avoid such problems. Vodafone failed to withdraw agreements. They must remove this glitch as soon as possible.

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