Voters can register to vote through Snapchat

Voters can register to vote through Snapchat—It is now very easy to register your vote anywhere with the help of a smartphone. Snapchat and Facebook have started special programs for helping users with registration of their votes. This ensures that any eligible voter simply click or tap on his / her smartphone in order to cast their votes for the next president.

Voters can register to vote through Snapchat

There is only one month remaining before elections for the next American president will be carried out. Keeping this in mind, social media sites have partnered with different campaigns in order to facilitate people who would like to register to vote.

On Friday one of the social media website posted a reminder on all members in the United States who are 18 years and older. The reminder is in the form of a notification alert. This notification is found on at the very top of the news feed. It is accompanied by a button with the title ‘Vote Now.’

When the user clicks this button, he / she is directed towards the US government website that where people can register to vote. A potential and willing voter can get himself / herself registered right there. The status of the voter is then, immediately updated on their pages.

Snapchat and Facebook are of the opinion that they are responsible in a very unique way, to remind people about their registration status, and also help all of those who want to register to vote in the election. Snapchat has been doing its own part in this regard – in a very unique manner.

Until the 7th of October, the social networking site will start a partnership with Turbovote. This partnership will include placement of advertisement in which famous celebrities like Jimmy Fallon, Jared Leto and Ciara will be reminding people of their social responsibility to vote.

Turbovote will extend its assistance to all the people who are living in a state where mail-in ballot is required. The user will be required to register to vote in Snapchat.

This year, voter registration among millennials will be very important owing to the unique election atmosphere. There are now more than 69 million millennials who have attained the age of voting in the US. Depending on the State, the voter registration process would differ.

Some of the states require the resident to get himself / herself registered at least one month in advance. In the last election, 46 percent voters in America chose not to cast their votes. The reason for Snapchat’s campaign is to compel all the eligible voters to register to vote.

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