7 Common Reasons Why Sex Disappears From Your Bedroom

Many couples all over the world have problems with sex. Unfortunately, sex life can change over time and you can accept it or try to improve the situation. However, it is essential to define the exact cause of these changes. This can help you find the proper solution. In this article, we have gathered seven common reasons why sex disappears from your bedroom.


1. You are too tired

Modern people often have tight schedules and a lot of work that can make them exhausted. This will obviously affect their sex life and other aspects of life. If you want to bring back sex to your bedroom, it is essential to rest and relax.

If you or your partner has to cook, clean the house, and do many other things at home, it is better to share duties. This will help you to take some time for rest and can positively affect your sex.

2. You are stressed

Our lives are full of stress. If you have stressful work or have some personal issues that make you nervous, it is not surprising that you will not want to have sex. Fortunately, there are a lot of techniques that can help you cope with stress. You can do yoga, meditate, exercise, or try other options that will help you keep calm and be in a mood for intimacy.

3. You have children

Many young mothers and fathers have to limit their sex since the daily care of newborns can be quite exhausting. Babies can cry throughout the whole night and you can think only about a few hours of sleep.

Indeed, it can be quite difficult to have a normal sex life in such conditions. But you can always ask your parents or friends to babysit or at least hire a nanny for a few hours a week. During this time, you will be able to have time for rest and thus can promote your sex drive as well.

4. You have some health issues

There are a lot of diseases that can affect your sex life. Unfortunately, many people don’t inform their partners about health issues and this can lead to misunderstanding and resentment. That’s why it is essential to visit your doctor in time and treat conditions that can cause sexual dysfunction.

5. You are not close anymore

If you have noticed that neither you nor your partner rush home after work and prefer to spend time with friends or other people, it can be a reason for concern. People who don’t spend enough time together often sex-related problems.

In this case, it is better to discuss this issue and find the solution that will suit both of you. You should know that conversation can make you closer. This can help you improve your relationship and sex life

6. You don’t trust your partner

A lack of trust is a quite common issue for many couples. If you can’t rely on your partner, you may refuse to have sex and hide many other things from him or her. If you suspect that your partner is cheating on you or has some secrets that affect your relationship, it is better to discuss this issue. 

7. You have different temperaments

It is important to understand that different people can have different temperaments in sex. For example, you want to have sex once a weak and your partner is satisfied with one sex a month. This can obviously cause problems that will affect your life.

Even though a compromise tends to be one of the most common solutions, it doesn’t always work. In any case, one or even both partners will not be happy with such a decision. That’s why it is better to discuss your preferences in sex before starting a relationship.

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