How To Make Your Feedback Game Stronger On Amazon

While doing business on Amazon, you have to take care of many things, and managing the seller feedback rating is one of the most crucial and complex things among them. In simple words, these ratings are given by buyers after comparing a particular seller against other sellers. Thus, for other buyers, it becomes a kind of parameter to evaluate a seller and his product. For example, if the rating for a seller is between low and neutral, then there are fewer chances of customers trusting you and your product & making a purchase. But that’s not the only use of the seller feedback rating being given on Amazon.

Amazon feedback service

Amazon’s algorithm uses the seller feedback rating given to you for measuring the seller’s performance. Based on this, Amazon decides whether its products should be less or more visible to the customers while they search for the product in which that seller deals. For example, suppose a seller has a higher seller feedback rating. In that case, the Amazon algorithm will ensure that the product being offered by such seller is placed higher in the list when customers search for that kind of product. So now when you have understood how your seller feedback rating affects your preference in Amazon search results and buyer’s product buying decision, you might become aware of the importance of such feedback ratings as it can boost your sales or may impact it adversely also.

This is the reason why collecting positive and good feedback rating is important. But it’s not easy to do because of Amazon’s marketplace restrictions and resistant buyer psychology. However, obstacles can be tackled by using Amazon feedback service. We will discuss both of these hurdles one by one, and apart from these, we will also discuss in this post, that how you can increase the chances of collecting a positive seller feedback rating.

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This will help you in amending the perspective of both Amazon and shoppers in a positive manner, which will ultimately help you in boosting your product’s sales.

Why it’s not easy to generate positive feedback?

It may be possible that despite putting all the efforts which you can put as a seller, you are not getting the feedback rating as expected. This is the reason why in the previous section suggested that it’s not easy to do so. Below given points are the two reasons why we have said this.

Restrictions by Amazon

We know that Amazon offers many benefits to the sellers such as covering a nation-wide market, but it also limits how the seller can request the buyers to give feedback to them. For ensuring that the reviews being given to the seller are authenticate, Amazon restricts sellers from incentivizing the reviews. In the rules meant for sellers, Amazon has mentioned that any seller cannot offer free samples or pay any customer in any way for removing or providing feedback. This restricts them from requesting a buyer to give a good feedback in exchange for free samples or any other compensation. Thus, you can say that the seller feedback rating given to a seller depends upon the experience of the customer while buying from that particular seller.

Negativity bias

According to many studies done by experts, our brain remembers the negative events more often than the positive ones. This is called negativity bias, and it is due to this negative bias, that the Amazon shoppers leave negative feedback more than the positive ones. This means that the negative experience has a stronger impact on the shopper as compared to the positive experience. When they feel mistreated or poor shopping experience, then want some response, whether a reimbursement, an apology, or reactions from other shoppers. And when they have a positive shopping experience, they never want to tell you about it as they don’t feel the need to ruminate over the positive experience.

How can you increase your chances of getting more positive feedback?

Increasing the number of positive feedbacks from buyers on Amazon requires a combination of multiple tactics. It is suggested that you keep on requesting buyers to post a review or feedback while putting all your efforts into providing the excellent shopping experience and products to them. It is also suggested that you should have a system to remind the customers about giving their feedback in case they forget to do so. Apart from this, the following are some other points that will help you generate more positive feedback ratings on Amazon. These are given below:

  • Respond to the buyers as quickly as possible: To get a positive seller feedback rating, you are not only required to request customers to give feedback. Instead, you have to offer all those services which make you worthy of a five-star rating. Some sellers misunderstood this statement and aimed at zero customer issues and complaints, which is not possible at all. Instead of this, the seller should aim to resolve customer issues as quickly as possible. Your speed of responding to the customers’ requests and resolving their issues will automatically persuade them to give good feedback.
  • Send feedback requesting E-mails: Usually, shoppers with a great shopping experience are less likely to leave feedback for the seller. Thus they are required to be triggered to give their feedback. We know that Amazon automatically asks customers to give their feedback when they place their order, but those feedbacks are not much attended by the shoppers and are impersonal also. Instead, the sellers should ask their shoppers personally to give their feedback, and they can communicate through Amazon’s buyer-seller messaging service. This will not only ensure that you get customer’s feedback but will also provide a personal touch to the shoppers, which increases the chances of generating positive feedback. As your business grows, it becomes very difficult to write messages for each customer individually, as it becomes very time-consuming. Instead, you can use an automatic feedback management service or Amazon feedback software.
  • Use your packing slips as a medium to communicate: Apart from requesting customers through e-mail, to give their feedback, you can leave a reminder on their order’s packing slip requesting them the same. If everything goes well, then the buyer will be very happy from the product as well as the service, as a result of which he will be compelled to give a positive feedback rating to the seller.

These were some of the major points which will be very helpful to you in generating positive seller feedback ratings for you on Amazon. But ultimately, your efforts to make customer’s experience better, play a major role in this aspect.

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