Some Interesting Facts Regarding Kate Upton modeling career

The blonde US model Kate Upton, found fame through social media and succeeded in anchoring a mainstream modeling career.

Some Interesting Facts Regarding Kate Upton modeling career

Born on June 10, 1992, Kate Upton is a US model and actress. She has modeled for the popular Sports Illustrated magazine besides being named as the ‘Rookie of the Year’ in 2011. In 2012 and 13, Kate Upton was the cover model for the magazine.

She also adorned the 100th anniversary cover of the extremely popular Vanity Fair magazine. Besides modelling, Kate Upton has also acted in successful Hollywood films including ‘The Other Woman’ and ‘Tower Heist.’

There is little doubt that US model Kate Upton is extremely successful in her career. However, it also needs to be noted here that the young American bombshell did not find this immense fame through runway modeling.

Rather, it was her infamous YouTube video that showed her dancing with Terry Richardson to “Cat Daddy.” The video instantly became viral and Kate Upton became a sensation.

Social media websites are serving as launching pads for many would-be and wannabe models these days, but Kate Upton was the very first one who successfully translated her social media success into a mainstream modeling career.

Social media boosted her visibility and several Sports Illustrated cover later, her stars burnt brighter than ever.

There are some facts regarding Kate Upton modeling career that can be found below:

  • Kate Upton started her modeling career with a very humble background. Now, she has become a sensation all over the world. She looks great when she is fully dressed. But she looks sensational when she has dressed all the way down.
  • Kate Upton loves dogs.
  • Kate Upton looks stunning in bed.
  • She had deep beautiful eyes that one can die for.
  • The famous model can become very cheeky at times.
  • Interestingly, also looks sensational in black and white.

Apparently, there is another things about Kate Upton that is very interesting: The model does not like to restrict herself to single meal a day.

The blonde beauty was seen wearing a floral mini dress at the Hugo’s – a healthy eatery – apparently for brunch. Her feminine aspects were clearly visible in a chiffon frock featuring multi-colored flowers.

The short helm of the frock made her long legs clearly visible. With only little makeup, the swimsuit model looked as stunning as ever.

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