Google Trends: Google Most Searched Celebrities 2016

Google most searched celebrities for 2016 is Leonardo Dicaprio. There were many famous people who made it to the list compiled after analysis of Google top searches.

Google Most Searched Celebrities 2016

Google trending searches also revealed that Bollywood celebrity Priyanka Chopra is also one of the actresses who have made it to the Google top searches.

Google most searched celebrities list includes several other hunks and divas.

Britney Spears who has regularly made it to the Google top charts. She had had several setbacks in the past but she did manage to stage a comeback. She is being vehemently searched by her ardent fans on Google.

Next comes Rihanna who frequently adorns the covers of magazines. She is also being discussed on many internet forums. She is stunning and energetic, and highly popular.

Lena Gercke is a top class celebrity and a popular model. She is also very widely searched on Google.

The list includes the hot Colombian Diva, Shakira. She is a popular star with a solid fan base. Anyone who is interested in her needs to type her name in Google and can have a lot of data and pictures pertaining to her.

Everybody knows Miley Cyrus. The internet is awash with her pictures and articles as well as posts pertaining to this young diva. She is also very widely google’s owing to her ability to whip up her fans.

Beyoncé needs no introduction. She is a famous singer in is google frequently by her fans. The reason for her immense popularity is her highly attractive personality and her great enticing looks which make her one of the hottest celebrities on Google.

Google most searched celebrities list always seems to include Paris Hilton. The Hilton Heiress is searched almost every day on the internet.

The young celebrity is very subtle while sharing her experiences on the internet. She is an international star with solid fan base that follows her every move.

Sara Carbonero became famous in 2010 when Spain lost FIFA championship. She is very attractive and her gorgeous looks have made it one of the most widely searched persons on the internet.

No such list will be deemed complete unless it features Kim Kardashian who exudes attraction and glamor. She is a TV personality and a fashion model who makes her fans craving for more every time.


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